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Get a better feel for MediRecords and join us for a live product demonstration!

We will cover off our core product, MediRecords as we walk you through each of its eight modules.

Then we'll briefly demonstrate how MediRecords works within our product eco-system

and how it 'talks' to our patient app, online appointments and waiting room kiosk products.

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Introducing the MediRecords Eco-System

Our products talk to each other, in real-time, without delays!


Our core product, MediRecords shares and receives data across multiple products & locations.

MediRecords App

Our patient app speaks directly to your clinic in MediRecords, keeping all patient data live and up to date.

MediRecords Arrivals

Enjoy a real-time, virtual view of your waiting room and enjoy live and accurate patient updates.

MediRecords Appointments

No third-party delays mean your appointment calendar is live and available to new and existing patients.

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