“Patients expectations of healthcare are changing rapidly, and MediRecords will be able to support our medical and health team to better meet and exceed those expectations. As we start to introduce patients to the MediRecords App and its many features, we are expecting to be able to deliver a more engaging patient and healthcare provider experience, and we are confident it will lead to better health and injury management outcomes for our patients.”


Alex Rutter, Chief Operations Officer Capstone Health




Capstone Health offers three medical specialties; travel medicine, occupational medicine and health optimisation. Our focus is on providing specific medical expertise in each of these three areas. We provide adequate time for our patients and clients so that they can receive high-quality service, knowledge and advice to address each unique health or medical problem. It’s the personal and responsive relationships we create with our corporate and private patients, that can have a big influence on the outcome. When our medical director, Dr Atkins founded Capstone, his vision was to create a much more personalised approach to occupational and corporate medicine. We have seen that digital health platforms like MediRecords, can further support and augment these approaches.




The Solution


We are looking to scale and grow our business over the next few years. The ease with which we can use MediRecords to set up new practices and bring on new practitioners, makes it a great platform to support our growth ambitions and scale our business more efficiently. The flexibility and support MediRecords provides, will continue to allow us to try more innovative models of practice management and medical service delivery.

Cost Analysis


Not needing to upgrade our server and invest in a range of IT infrastructure and support costs will be a big direct cost saver for us. We have received excellent technical support, and whenever the occasional glitch has been identified, or we got stuck on something, MediRecords have provided immediate and intensive support to get the issue resolved.


Future of Capstone Health


Digital health is only just starting to create a substantial disruption in Medicine and Healthcare. We believe this will create a much more patient focused and driven system, which will be useful for patients, their health outcomes and the overall sustainability of the health system.


MediRecords understands that not only does our practice management system need to support the Doctors and Practice Managers, but it also needs to support the patient’s role in their own healthcare. The many features of MediRecords and the patient app can better engage patients as a partner in their recovery or health journey.


We have no doubt that by embracing these changes we can deliver improved patient experiences and outcomes.  We are excited to innovate and enhance the way we deliver care to our patients and corporate clients. We are confident that MediRecords will continue to innovate and provide us with the features and support we will need to meet the ever increasing demands of our patients and customers.  

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