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Patient Check-In Kiosk Appointments_Tablet Our self-service waiting room kiosk allows patients to self check in quickly and easily. View Features Book a Demo

Reception-free Check-In

Patients can quickly and easily check themselves in to your clinic or practice

Virtual Waiting Room

You can view a virtual version of your waiting room for an overview of patients to be seen

Appointment Calendar Integration

Live integration with your various clinic or practice appointment calendars

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At a glance:

Ideal for Busy Clinics

Patient Appointment

Key Features

To explore the product fully, you may wish to book a demo. Here we have summarised some features for you.

Seamless Patient Updates

Your patients can update their contact information and Medicare details meaning their patient record is always up to date.
Medirecords EHR

Check-In With Ease

Suitable for all patients; existing and new, our intuitive user interface is incredibly simple to use making check-in a breeze.
Medirecords EHR

Rapid Check-Ins

Existing patients with confirmed appointments can enjoy rapid check-ins, for themselves and their family members
Medirecords Layer Onboarding
live check in

Live Data

Cloud technology allows for a real-time connection meaning zero delay in sending or receiving data and no confusion.

Suitable For All

For newcomers or long term patients, young and old, technically capable or not, MediRecords self check-in is so easy to use it is suitable for everyone.
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User Friendly

Designed by behaviour experts, with Australian patients in mind, Arrivals has been created to make your life easier.



MediRecords undergoes regular independent 
third-party audits of applications and infrastructure.


All customer information is encrypted at rest and in transit using the latest technologies and industry standards


MediRecords understands the need to protect the privacy of our customers and the patient information we store on their behalf and meets the Australian Privacy Protection Act.

Medirecords White Labelling

White Labelling Opportunities

Your Check-In Kiosk software can be easily whitelabelled to your practice branding, to avoid patient confusion over who is providing their healthcare.