practiX – Data Conversion

MediRecords provides a seamless experience when converting data from your legacy practice management system to the cloud, ensuring continuity of service and security of your historical records.

Convert your legacy practiX database to MediRecords


PractiX became unsupported from the end of January 2018 and MediRecords was chosen as the preferred replacement software for practiX clients.


Any practiX customers that have not already converted to a replacement practice management system should do so soon.


Of course, a big part of the decision-making process when selecting a replacement system is the ability the migrate or convert the existing data over to a new system. As the preferred software replacement to practiX, DXC, the owners of practiX, partnered with MediRecords to develop a comprehensive data conversion/migration process ensuring that nearly all of your existing database could be converted.


A complete list of what we convert from practiX software as a standard can be found below:


Patient Personal Details
Emergency Contacts
Family Relationships
Family History
Chart No.
Pension / HCC
Private Health Insurance

Health Identifier
Allergies & Reactions
Medical History
Past Consultations
Current Rx
Past Rx
Investigations: Results
Correspondence: Inbound
Correspondence: Outbound

Obstetrics (Pregnancy)
Service Providers
Health Professionals
Clinical Actions


All debtors will need to be finalised in practiX as debtors as financial information is not converted.


How do I get started?


Contact our support team today on 1300 103 903 to book your trial data conversion. Our opening hours are 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday AEDT.

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