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Our Cloud-based Solution Which:

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Is designed in consultation
with Australian clinicians

Full Bespoke

Is simple to use and offers
seamless and integrated

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Saves you money and time on
expensive servers and
software upgrades


Gives you remote access to
your data, wherever
you are

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Supports fully integrated

Support premium

Offers Australian based
customer support whenever
you need it

It's easy to use and navigate

Heartbeat medirecords

We know your time is precious. That’s why our GP practice management software is designed with end-to-end workflows and system automation which is intuitive and easy to use.

Use your trial period to find out how our integrated features can help save you time and money.



Heartbeat medirecords

Whether you are already using telehealth, plan to in the future, or want the option ‘just in case’, we have you covered.

We’ve partnered with Coviu to deliver a seamless telehealth experience you can access from anywhere.


Strengthen your connection with patients

Heartbeat medirecords

Many of today’s patients want digital tools to manage their health and communicate with their GP.

Our patient smartphone app increases patient engagement, builds patient loyalty and enhances your reputation.


Enjoy remote access

Heartbeat medirecords

Your free trial is your first step to future-proofing your practice. Imagine the freedom of being able to access live and up-to-date practice and patient data from any device, right when you need it.

Use your trial period to discover how cloud-based GP practice management software can give you more freedom.


We’ll help you adapt to change

Heartbeat medirecords

We know learning a new software program takes up a lot of valuable time. Rest assured, we’re here to help.

Our friendly, Australia-based support team are here to help you explore all the features and extras MediRecords has to save you time and money.

We also have an extensive online learning ‘knowledgebase’ if you are the sort who likes to handle your own learning.

adapt to change

Ready for a GP practice management solution that can save you time and money?

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