24/7 online appointments
MediRecords Appointments offers a real-time
view of your appointment calendar.
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Increase Productivity
Free up the phone lines &
deliver better patient care.
Attract New Patients
Market your practice like never before
with clinic & provider attributes.
Optimise Visibility
Real time view of your
appointment calendar.

Hold the phone!

Free up the phone lines & focus on what really matters

MediRecords Appointments allows your new and existing patients

to find and book appointments from your website allowing your

front desk staff to focus on more meaningful interactions.

MediRecords Appointments: 24/7 Online Appointments

Real time appointments

No updates, delays or double bookings!

Enjoy a seamless workflow with our suite of connected real - time

products affording you more time to deliver better patient care.

MediRecords Appointments: 24/7 Online Appointments

Subscription Pricing

Our flat monthly fee means there are no hidden costs to your practice.

Per Practice
$ 95 Monthly

Please contact us for information about third party integrations.

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Suitable For All

For new or existing patients, young and old, MediRecords Appointments is suitable for every patient, Australia wide.

Family Bookings

Your patients can simply book an appointment for themselves or a family member, at any time, night or day.

User Friendly

Designed by behaviour experts with Australian patients in mind, Appointments has been created to make your life easier.

MediRecords Appointments: 24/7 Online Appointments
Bank Level Security

We keep your practice and patient data safe with bank-level security, used by leading banks and government agencies.

No Patient Marketing

We respect your relationship with your patients. You can rest assured we won’t send your patients any marketing.

Flat Monthly Fee

For just $200 per practice per month, with no hidden costs, we pride ourselves on maintaining a transparent pricing structure.

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