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MediRecords is a multipurpose platform

Your practice is unique, designed to serve your community. MediRecords has the flexibility to support diverse clinical teams.

General practitioners

Manage care teams with clinically coded diagnoses and observations, immunisation management, and streamlined workflows for prescribing, investigations and referrals.


Manage referrals, record consent, build theatre lists and collaborate with colleagues with real-time communication. Hospital Admissions Module, with charting and meds management, coming soon!

Allied health practitioners

Manage collaborative care for post-surgical, rehabilitation, and chronic patients, through shared access to patient records, assessment templates and Care Plans.

MediRecords is purpose-built for data connectivity and use by multidisciplinary, shared care teams.

Universal communications bar

Streamline communication and collaboration among internal staff and external MediRecords users. 

IT Manager 1
Surgical Management-Reports

Telehealth consultations

Virtual and face-to-face appointments managed in a single calendar, linked to the Coviu telehealth platform. 

Surgical Management-Reports

Group appointments (Coming soon)

See multiple patients in a session. Updates notes individually or as a group.

Medirecords team talk

Case management (Coming soon)

Shared, real time access to clinical notes. 

Our MediRecords team are here to help!

For more info on MediRecords’ Multidisciplinary teams solutions and to book a demo with our team, fill out the form below.