Manage your practice or clinic with MediRecords
Medirecords practice management banner MediRecords will reduce the administrative burden of managing your practice/clinic, staff and patients.
MediRecords is a full Practice Management System tailored to your discipline. Remote or On-Site

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As MediRecords is cloud based, you can manage on site or virtual clinics, either at your practice or remotely.
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Key Practice Management Features

Whilst you may want a demo to explore MediRecords fully, we have highlighted some of the key features below.

Intuitive Workflows

You can manage your practice from start to finish with MediRecords. With customised workflows and system automation we can make sure your practice runs as smoothly as possible.
Our intuitive design, with familiar layouts, simplified navigation flow and clear information ensures that you can focus on what matters: your patients, staff, doctors and finances.


Set up your practice appointment calendar by configuring appointment types, colours, provider sessions and multi-practice locations.

Publish practice and provider calendars so that patients can book directly from your website or our patient mobile application.

Waiting Room

Seamlessly manage patient flows in your practice from when the patient arrives through to billing. Keep track of patient wait times, triage patients based on priority, view doctors currently in consultation and process patients ready to pay their invoice.

Patient Management

Manage your active patient database with customisable patient views, run bulk OPV checks and validate patient IHIs. Export patient lists, SMS filtered patients, invite patients to download the patient mobile app and generate multiple patient invoices.

Medicare Claiming

MediRecords supports BB and DVA patient claims and can provide an end to end automated process across claim batching and submissions, remittance advice retrieval and completion.

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Business Benefits

Improve Financial Performance

Maximise revenues, reduce exceptions through automation, batching and reconciliation… Find out more

Drive Operational Efficiency

Centralise systems, processes and services; reduce operating costs, user licences and maintenance burden… Find out more

Practice Tools

Patient Engagement

Improve patient retention with a variety of engagement tools.


Customise and configure MediRecords so it works for your practice exactly as it should.


Top level and powerful detailed reporting on both clinical and operational information.

User Management

Easy, central management of all clinical, management and administrative staff.


MediRecords is connected to several secure messaging vendors & labs covering over 95% of the market;
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