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Looking to make the switch to MediRecords?

Seamless data migration

Easily transfer your patient records and clinical data from your existing practice management system to MediRecords, ensuring continuity of service and data security.

Comprehensive data conversion

Bring across a range of patient information, from demographics and medical history to past consultations and future appointments, ensuring all essential data is seamlessly integrated.

Expert customer support

Experience a seamless transition to MediRecords with the guidance of our experts and minimal disruption to your practice, ensuring a hassle-free switch to our cloud-based platform.

What data can be converted?

Since each software provider is unique, the migration results you experience may vary. 

What is involved?

Converting your old patient database to MediRecords involves a high-level four-step process. Please contact our team to confirm the current wait-time. 

Step 1: Pre-requisites

The first step is to contact our Support team to schedule your data migration.

You can then liaise with your IT department to arrange for a backup of your entire database, or MediRecords can run this backup with approved access via remote connection.

Please ensure all patient records are set to active or inactive, as this will be transferred as closely as possible to MediRecords to match your current system. It’s important to note that the way documents are stored in MediRecords may differ from your current software.

Finally, complete and return our ‘MediRecords Data Migration Consent Form’.

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Step 2: Trial conversion

At the approved conversion date/time we will remotely access your server or pre-arranged backup server files and convert your existing database to MediRecords.

This process can take 3-10 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the data file being migrated. Our team will confirm timeframes following the initial analysis.

You then need to conduct quality assurance, reviewing your converted data against a checklist we will supply for this purpose. This step is vital to ensure the quality of the migration.

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Step 3: Pre-final conversion preparation

If you haven’t already, you need to create a MediRecords account for your practice and ensure that all clinical and support staff have been added as ‘users’ in your MediRecords practice. These accounts can be created by contacting our Support Team

Then arrange a mutually agreeable time with your team and MediRecords for the final data conversion.

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final conversion

Step 4: Final conversion

Step 4:
Final conversion

For the final conversion we will again remotely access your server or pre-arranged backup server files.

MediRecords will then convert your existing database to your MediRecords account. An ETA for the final conversion will be given, based on the time taken for your trial conversion. 

final conversion

Frequently asked questions

MediRecords can convert data from software providers including: MedicalDirector, Best Practice, ZedMed, Genie Solutions, Medical Wizard, MasterCare, Clinic to Cloud, Cliniko, Halaxy, Gen 2 and TrakCare. If your current software provider isn’t listed here, please contact our Support team. 

The wait time to begin data migration process may depend on current workload and other factors. Please contact our Customer Success team to confirm the extent of the current wait list.

A migration typically runs for 3-10 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the data file involved. Final duration of the process will be confirmed by our team following the initial analysis.

Yes. Our team has implemented several processes to ensure that data migration is performed as securely as possible. After migration, your data is stored securely within our infrastructure, and we take extra precautions during the trial migration. This ensures that your data’s security is maintained throughout the entire process.

There should not be any downtime or disruptions to your practice during the migration. Our data migration process involves inserting ‘new’ data rather than updating existing data. This approach minimises the risk of disruptions and downtime, as it reduces the likelihood of impacting your current operational data. While we insert new data, it’s important to note that there may be instances of duplication in patient records. However, our migration process is designed to handle this scenario and ensure a smooth transition.

Support is available throughout and following the migration process. Our team is ready to assist with any queries, concerns, or issues you may encounter. During migration, we provide real-time support to ensure a smooth transition. After migration, ongoing support is available to address any post-migration needs, ensuring a seamless and well-supported experience for your team.

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