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Which software can MediRecords convert data from?

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What is involved?

Our proven 4 step process ensures your data migration runs hiccup free

Step 1: Pre-requisites

The first step is to plan your migration with one of our friendly support staff and set a conversion date.

Then either arrange for a backup of your entire database with your IT team, or allow MediRecords to run a backup of your database via remote connection.

You must ensure all patient record status’ are correct, including ensuring all patient records are set to active or inactive as required. This information will be brought across as they exist in your current software.

Finally, complete and return our ‘MediRecords Data Migration Consent Form’.

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Step 2: Trial conversion

At the approved conversion date/ time we will remotely access your server or pre-arranged backup server files and convert your existing database to a MediRecords test environment. 

Depending on the size of your database, this can take between 2 to 7 business days.

You then need to approve your converted data against a MediRecords supplied checklist.

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Step 3: Pre-final conversion preparation

If you haven’t already, you need to create a MediRecords account for your practice and your clinical and support staff. 

Then arrange a mutually agreeable time with your team and MediRecords for the final data conversion.

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Step 4: Final conversion

Step 4:
Final conversion

For the final conversion we will again remotely access your server or pre-arranged backup server files.

MediRecords will then convert your existing database to your MediRecords account. An ETA for the final conversion will be given based on the time taken for your trial conversion.

And that’s it! You are up and running following a stress free data migration.

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What data can be converted?

Depending on the legacy PMS most data can be migrated, including:

Contact us for a quote to migrate your data to MediRecords.

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