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Convenient training delivery

Our training can be delivered in three formats to best suit your practice and staff.

Remote training

Training via webinar includes an unlimited number of attendees and a recorded copy for future staff training and refresher sessions.

On-Site training

Have a MediRecords expert on-site at your business to train you and your staff in person.

Bespoke delivery

We can also provide a bespoke combination of insite and remote training that is convenient for all staff, regardless of location.

Training topics

We can provide training on the specific topics that your team needs the most.

Practice management training

We can provide comprehensive training to practice managers, nurses and administrative supporting staff so you entire team is fully confident using the MediRecords features that you need for your healthcare business.

We cater for all levels of technical proficiency, from beginner PMS users to seasoned administrative experts.
Practice management training
Clinical training​

Clinical training

Get your clinical staff comfortable and confident using MediRecords both for their patient management and administrative tasks.

MediRecords is designed to be intuitive and familiar, and this training ensures the process is as easy as possible for your clinicians and nurse practitioners..
Clinical training​


Ensure all of your administrative and clinical staff are fully prepared for using MediRecords before you go live in your practice.

This training takes a more foundational approach to ensure your staff are completely comfortable with a new PMS system.
Technical and Bespoke Training

Technical & bespoke training

We also offer additional support for any issues that may not fall into the topics covered above.

This is tailored to your specific requirement if they arise, ranging from refresher courses through to technical training for IT staff.
Technical and Bespoke Training

Medicare Setup & Fees

Take the hassle out of setting up Medicare billing and related fee schedules and let the MediRecords team get you up and “billing” before you know it.
We can help with the necessary Medicare application forms for your practice and providers including following up with Medicare on your behalf.
We can also help with the installation and configuration of Medicare certificates and up to 4 fee schedules.

Medicare Eclipse & Fees

Medicare Eclipse claiming for specialists is complex. Whilst we make it as user-friendly as possible to get you up and running, it is best that we help you with the setup and configuration.
This will ensure error-free claiming and a maximisation of your fee income.

Professional support services

Have a problem now? The support team can guide you through any situation, big or small.
Available from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday AEST and 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday during daylight savings time you can contact the team via phone, email or chat!
"The MediRecords support team are friendly and always willing to help out"

Dr. Matthew Galetto


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