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Unmatched flexibility for virtual care innovation

Care delivery, with or without walls


Billing and claiming

Enterprise-wide implementations for Outpatient billing and claiming, along with Medicare Eclipse for inpatient invoicing.

Emergency care

Assessment tools to streamline triage,  Coviu integration for virtual consults, electronic prescribing, and easy investigation requests. 

Medication management

Our ePrescribing solution can integrate with your patient administration system (PAS) to enhance safety and continuity of care. Inpatient medication management is coming soon.

Virtual wards

Inpatient admissions, charting, medication management, handovers and discharge summaries coming soon. 


Patient care from anywhere



Seamless virtual consultations and secure access to patient records mean clinicians can provide comprehensive and efficient care remotely. 


Clinical decision support and integration with real-time prescription monitoring systems enhance patient safety when prescribing. 

Patient communications

SMS on demand and automated appointment reminders. Send reports, results, and resources to patients with our free mobile app.  

Referrals and investigations

Streamline pathology and radiology requests. Use shortcuts and templates for streamlined workflows and bespoke consultation notes. 


Designed for collaborative care


Group appointments

Consult with multiple patients in a single session, updating notes as a group or individually. Suitable for family consultations and community care.

Case management

Seamless collaboration with Care Team members on complex patient care planning. Real-time records on clinical encounters  related to an episode of care. 

Referrals, requests and correspondence

Shortcuts for medical certificates, Care Plans, referrals and diagnostic requests. Central Inbox ensures results are assigned for action.


SMS reminders to patients and integration with appointment scheduling to support telehealth bookings within a single calendar.  


Telehealth consultations

Virtual and face-to-face appointments managed in a single calendar, linked to the Coviu telehealth platform. 

Surgical Management-Reports


Get prescriptions to patients faster.

Medirecords EHR

Referrals, correspondence and consent

Simple workflows for generating and sending investigation requests, referrals and correspondence.

Surgical Management-Reports

Group appointments (coming soon)

See multiple patients in a single session.

Medirecords team talk

Case management (coming soon)

Shared, real time access to clinical notes. 

Surgical Management-Reports

Free mobile app for patient communications

Clients have mobile access to their personal health information.

customer loyalty

Virtual care customers we service

MediRecords has a rapidly growing community of clients using our robust, true cloud clinical software to deliver virtual health care, including the Victorian Virtual Emergency Department. 

Virtual care customers we service: 



MediRecords undergoes regular independent 
third-party audits of applications and infrastructure.


All customer information is encrypted at rest and in transit using the latest technologies and industry standards


MediRecords understands the need to protect the privacy of our customers and the patient information we store on their behalf and meets the Australian Privacy Protection Act.

Coming soon

MediRecords is purpose-built for data connectivity and use by multidisciplinary, shared care teams.

Frequently asked questions

Virtual Care means different things to different people. Common definitions include telehealth with videoconferencing technology, and remote care using digital devices to measure patient symptoms and provide data to inform personalised support. Illness management and rehabilitation programs run by hospitals to help patients recover in their own homes are also considered virtual care.

MediRecords is a market leader in virtual care delivery because we have flexibility to support all of these and more. We provide a cloud-hosted clinical platform that can be used by GPs, allied health professionals, specialists, hospital-based virtual emergency departments and community health services.
MediRecords is used by many of Australia’s leading virtual care businesses and provides electronic prescribing for the Victorian Virtual Emergency Department.

We have a solution that can support you in delivering high-quality virtual care. 

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