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Key features

Scroll down for more detailed information on some of the specific features you can expect from the MediRecords EHR.

Core key features

MediRecords is a full EMR solution, offering features including, but not limited to:

Clinical Workflows

MediRecords has been designed in consultation with Clinicians from different specialties to ensure our EHR is intuitive and tailored to the needs of all clinicians.
We have created integrated clinical workflows that can be configured to meet the needs of you and your clinical colleagues, so you can focus on seeing patients.

Modular & configurable

We understand that the requirements of two different practices or clinicians are rarely the same. MediRecords has been created with a modular design, allowing us to tailor the EHR to your specific needs.

As well as providing you with the features and workflows you do need, you will also not have to waste time navigating the features that you don’t.

Telehealth ready

MediRecords is a full Telehealth solution. Thanks to being hosted in the cloud, you can access the EHR from anywhere through a web browser, and patients can be managed via the MediRecords mobile app, text or email.

We support video and telephone consults, as well as complete virtual clinics and practices in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Clinical Templates

MediRecords has created a growing library of over 25 templates that you can access throughout the patient record.

If none of these templates are right for your healthcare business, we can also co-design the perfect template with you.



MediRecords natively supports the eHealth standard for using SNOMED Clinical Terms.
This improves the interoperability of MediRecords with your other systems, supporting effective clinical recording of data so you can provide improved patient care.

Clinical decision support

MediRecords has implemented Medispan.
This is a Clinical Decision Support Module by Wolters Kluwer, the creators of tools like Medispan, Up To Date and Lexicomp.
Our prescribing CDS interactions check for:

Transaction Management

Manage all of your transactions with our built-in billing module.
MediRecords gives you simple, intuitive and easy to use Medicare and Medicare Eclipse online claiming, all via simplified workflows.
We BB, DVA, Patient claims and can provide an end to end automated process across claim batching and submissions, remittance advice retrieval and completion.

Letter Templates

To help you quickly and easily share results and referrals, you can use our library of letter templates.

Shared between our MediRecords community, these templates support PDF and Mail Merge, and if the right one isn’t available you can update them or create your own.


Medicare billing

Medicare Billing

Quick and easy integrated billing for your appointments

Efficient Workflows

Reduce admin time so you can see more patients.

Metaphor illustration

Clinical tools

Clinical decision support

MediRecords has implemented Medispan by Wolters Kluwer.


Via the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) managed Terminology OntoServer.

Preventative health

We provide preventative health notifications based on RACGP Redbook.

Patient education

Upload your own patient education content and share this with your patients in print via the app.


MediRecords is connected to several secure messaging vendors & labs covering over 95% of the market;
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