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Our self-service waiting room kiosk is exactly what
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Available on iOS & Android

MediRecords Arrivals allows your patients to check-in to your waiting room with a self-service kiosk, allowing front desk staff to focus on more meaningful patient interactions. 

Patient Satisfaction

Eliminate the dreaded patient queues

& streamline the check-in process.

Optimise Interactions

Free up front desk staff to focus on more

meaningful patient interactions.

Data Integrity

Seamless real-time integration

enables live patient updates.

For All Patients. New and Existing. Young and Old.

Utilising real-time technology, patients can check-in to scheduled appointments, book in as a walk-in or

as a new patient, and update their own patient record, making data maintenance incredibly efficient.

MediRecords Arrivals: Waiting Room Kiosk

Subscription Pricing

Our flat monthly fee means there are no hidden costs to your practice.

Per Practice
$ 95 Monthly

*Pricing does not include cost of hardware which is purchased outright. Please contact us for information about third party integrations.

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The MediRecords Community

Joining the MediRecords Community gives you access to Arrivals and many other benefits

MediRecords Arrivals Was Designed For Your Patients

Seamless Patient Updates

Your patients can update their contact information and Medicare details meaning their patient record is always up to date.

Check-In With Ease

Suitable for all patients; existing and new, our intuitive user interface is incredibly simple to use making check-in a breeze.

Rapid Check-Ins

Existing patients with confirmed appointments can enjoy rapid check-ins, for themselves and their family members.

MediRecords Arrivals: Waiting Room Kiosk

Live Data

Cloud technology allows for a real-time connection meaning zero delay in sending or receiving data and no confusion.

Suitable For All

For newcomers or long term patients, young and old, technically capable or not, Arrivals is suitable for every Australian.

User Friendly

Designed by behaviour experts, with Australian patients in mind, Arrivals has been created to make your life easier.

What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t make your patients or staff wait any longer. Eliminate the queues, streamline

your check-in process and enjoy more meaningful interactions with your patients.