What is e-Prescribing?


E-Prescribing replaces the need for paper prescriptions by enabling prescribing and dispensing of medicines to be completed electronically. 

The patient or their approved carer receives a token via SMS or email that can be passed to a pharmacy for dispensing. This paperless system helps preserve patient privacy and safety and reduces the risk of medication errors that can be caused by handwritten scripts.

MediRecords provides e-prescribing to the Victorian Virtual Emergency Department, telemedicine clinics, specialists, and GPs across Australia. We are integrated with SafeScript in NSW and Victoria, and QScript in Queensland.

Streamline prescribing

e-Prescribing brings numerous benefits including:

Improved efficiencies

Easy to initiate repeat prescriptions

Enhanced medicine safety and secure patient data

Instant patient access to prescription

Greater convenience for you and your patients

Reduced administrative burden and costs

Auditable records


“E-prescribing has been welcomed by everyone. Without manual transcription from paper script to pharmacy system, there is less risk of error in dispensing the medications, ensuring our patients get the right medicine, in the right strength and dosing.”

Dr. Peter Vanrietvelde – Cairns West Medical Centre

Key functionality

Evidence of tokenisation

Clinicians receive confirmation information
has been sent to our eRx Script Exchange
and a QR token with prescription details has been assigned successfully.

Discrete communications

Providers can send pharmacists extra instructions or discrete information using annotations. This is helpful when a full medication review or stacked supply
may be necessary.

Easier re-prescribing

There's minimal effort involved in repeat prescriptions. The provider can select
'e-prescribe regular medication' rather than completing the full e-prescribing workflow when a patient needs a repeat prescription.

Electronic prescribing is a step toward a safer and more efficient health system and allows clinicians and pharmacists to spend more time focused on patient care.

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