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Admissions Module

Inpatient care, from pre-admission to discharge

Elevate inpatient care with the MediRecords Admissions Module

The Admissions Module is a major enhancement to the MediRecords platform, expanding our EHR to create a longitudinal patient record from primary to tertiary care. 

This new Premium feature enables users to efficiently manage patient admissions, streamline clinical workflows, and provide continuity of care for physical and virtual healthcare settings. Patient safety is at the heart of the module, with alerts for out-of-range results, secure handovers, data entry safeguards, discharge procedures, and more. 

Transforming inpatient care: From pre-admission
to discharge

Admitting Patients

Our admissions process includes:

Clinical Care

Clinical workflows are supported by:


Our discharge process includes:

Useful in a range of different healthcare settings

As a cloud-hosted EHR platform with unparalleled connectivity, MediRecords can help provide exceptional care for outpatients and inpatients across various healthcare settings.

Chemotherapy, Dialysis & IV treatment clinics

Day procedures

Emergency and urgent care

Low acuity inpatient services

Palliative care

Private specialists

Sleep clinics

Virtual Care & HITH

Integrated workflows

The Admissions module is designed to bridge the gap between primary and tertiary (hospital) care, improving digital connectivity. Key benefits of our integrated workflows include: 

Ward, Room & Bed Configuration

Easily organise and manage your facility’s wards, rooms, and beds while efficiently tracking capacity and resource allocation. Enhance patient safety, streamline workflows, and build a clear view of emergency, isolation, custodial, and other wards.


Admission History

The Admission History feature is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a patient’s hospital admissions throughout their medical journey.

Discharge & Transfer

The Admission module’s Discharge and Transfer capability streamlines the process by:

Coming Soon

Frequently asked questions

Please reach out to or your Customer Success Manager to discuss activating Premium features. Higher licence fees apply for users of Premium features.

MediRecords’ Admissions module is not a substitute for a fully featured enterprise EMR system and is unlikely to be suitable for a surgical facility. Our Medication Chart is currently in development, along with Admissions reporting functions and additional charts and assessments.

Transform your inpatient care journey today!

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