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Clinical Template Library MediRecords has a growing library of over 25 templates accessible throughout the patient record. Learn More Contact Us

Simplified Data Entry

You can use any of our 25+ clinical templates and specialty forms to simplify data entry. This saves clinicians and administrators time so you can spend more time with patients.

eHealth Coded

Our templates are fully eHealth coded, allowing them to seamlessly interact with the patient clinical record. Again this saves you precious time and ensures the patient record is easily kept accurate and up to date.

Easy Access to Data

The results of your consultations are recorded in your consultation notes, with observable measures automatically added as graphable variables to help you easily interpret patient data.

Population and Patient Level Reporting

Patient information you and your team capture can be quickly and easily reported on at both the individual patient record level, or at the population health level.

Interested in co-designing a Clinical Template?

Ensure MediRecords is perfectly tailored to your needs.