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Create and update your own templates

Our flexible letter template features allow you to build and edit your own personalised letter templates. This allows you to quickly and easily communicate with patients and other healthcare providers in a variety of common situations.

Share resources with the MediRecords community

Our community has already created a library of letter templates already in regular use. You will have full access to this library, allowing you to choose an existing template to either edit, or use straight away.
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PDF and mail merge support

We provide support for creating and editing template PDF documents for digital communications.
You can also set up mail merge fields in letter templates, allowing you to quickly and easily personalise larger scale communication to specific recipients.
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Increase productivity in your clinic or practice

Our Letter Templates include the following features:

Integrated images

Custom fields

Template creation & editing

PDF support

HTML support

Mail merge

Electronic sending

Template library

Are you interested in co-designing
a Letter Template?

Contact us to find out how MediRecords can be perfectly tailored to your needs.