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Talking HealthTech gets the lowdown on MediRecords 2.0

An inside look into a major healthtech makeover for better connectivity.

MediRecords, Head of Product Jayne Thompson joined Peter Birch from Talking HealthTech at the Digital Health Festival in June to discuss the latest developments of MediRecords, including an insight into the platform’s 2.0 user interface which is launching very soon! 

Jayne and Peter spoke about MediRecords growth, the 2.0 transition for our existing users and the extension of new product offerings that come under our Care, Connect and Engage pillars. 

Visit Talking HealthTech’s blog article to read more about the interview, or alternatively, check out their video below.

If you are interested in learning more about MediRecords 2.0, please reach out to our Sales team to book a demo today! 

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