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Multi-Channel Claiming

MediRecords gives you simple, intuitive and easy to use Medicare and Medicare Eclipse online claiming, all via simplified workflows
MediRecords supports BB, DVA, Patient claims and can provide an end to end automated process across claim batching and submissions, remittance advice retrieval and completion.

Accounts Receivables

By using Medirecords’ full general ledger, you can now track income streams, manage your practices expenses, and reconcile your accounts with our built in General Ledger.
Specifically designed for managing healthcare businesses, it makes the process quick and easy.

Financial Management Features

Created to help you improve financial performance in your practice

Fee Schedule Maintenance

Automated Batching and Processing

Multi-Channel Claiming Dashboard

MBS, DVA and Health Fund Rules

Simplified Claiming and Reject Management

Comprehensive Reporting

Organisational Analytics Platform Integration

Automated Reconciliation

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