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Streamline your workflows

MediRecords has been designed to save all of your staff time on administration, so your PMS makes things easier, not harder.
We can help you automate and batch your tasks to save time, and centralise your IT systems, processes and services so they can all be found in one place.

Save time and money

Using MediRecords will help save you and your staff significant time, allowing you to reduce your operating costs and get more done.

Our cloud based solution will also help reduce your costs compared to traditional PMS providers, through lower operating costs, flexible user licences and reduced maintenance burden for equipment.


Productivity features

Enabling you to improve your team’s efficiency:

Complex Medicare rules support

Centralised processes

Reduced costs

Automation and batching tasks

Reduced maintenance

Automated follow up actions

Cross practice processes

Manage aged accounts

Interested in becoming a more efficient practice?

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