Your complete clinical and practice management system accessible in
real-time, anywhere in the world.
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At the heart of MediRecords

Our core features simplify your day to day tasks by being in the one easy to use solution.
MediRecords Features

Create appointments by location, providers, procedure & link referrals. Book repeats, wait list & urgency.

MediRecords Features
Waiting Room

Integrated workflows from front desk - consultation - billing. Manage & triage patients, while monitoring wait times.

MediRecords Features
Patient Management

Use google like search to intuitively find patients & create your own custom lists to meet your business needs.

MediRecords Features

Customise your consultation workflows with shortcuts, simply complete SOAP activities & confidentiality access.

MediRecords Features
Lab Requests

Order requests efficiently by setting preferences & favourites. Utilise our library of Pathology templates.

MediRecords Features
Processing Results

Receive electronic results, referrals & discharge summaries via the holding bay. Automatically assign & action.

MediRecords Features
Correspondence & Referrals

Customise letter templates with rich formatting including patient mail merge fields, footers & images.

MediRecords Features

PBS, Non-PBS & authority prescribing. Manage current medications & prescribe electronically with eRx.

MediRecords Features
Billing & Financials

Comprehensive reporting & seamless billing workflows from appointments - waiting room - consultations.

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Extras you won’t be able to live without

Increase productivity in your practice with these features you can't find anywhere else.

Access Anywhere

A fully integrated Clinical Suite you can access remotely from anywhere, on any device, at anytime.

Multiple Locations

No matter where you are within MediRecords, switch between your practice locations efficiently.

Integrated Ledger

Track income, manage practice expenses, and reconcile your accounts with our General Ledger.

Instant Community

A collective of healthcare professionals, blogs and clinical resources at your fingertips.

Powerful Reporting

From financials to population health, our Reporting suite gives you the insights you desire.

Multichannel Claiming

Simple, intuitive and easy to use Medicare online claiming with simplified workflows.

Patient Engagement

Empower your patients with greater access and control over their important health information.

Dynamic Letters

Share clinical information securely with ease and enjoy one-click updates of clinical records.

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Manage multiple locations

Your other practices are always just two clicks away!
Managing multiple practice locations has never been easier. With MediRecords, you have
complete real-time visibility of all practices within the one practice management solution.
Manage Multiple Locations with MediRecords

Cloud Technology

Get ahead of the curve and convert to Cloud today

You’re probably using Cloud technology right now, even if you don’t realise it. If you use an online service

to send emails, edit documents, watch films or TV, listen to music, play games, or access your banking

information, it’s likely that cloud technology is making it all possible behind the scenes.

The first Cloud computing services are barely a decade old, but already a variety of organisations

from tiny start-ups to global corporations, from government agencies to non-profits are

embracing the technology for all sorts of reasons.

Cloud technology isn't the future, it's today.

Access from anywhere, at any time

Monitor your practice & patients from home or afar!
No matter where in the world you are, you can view your practice in real-time.
See everything from your Waiting Room to Medicare Claiming - it's like you never left.
MediRecords Features

Reimagine your practice

With our suite of connected products

Online appointments, waiting room arrivals and Patient

engagement are all covered with the MediRecords Suite.

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