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Great New Features Added in 2019

Great features added in 2019
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Matthew Galetto

Here’s a sample of a few of the great new features we added to MediRecords in 2019…

Patient Engagement


Telehealth Consultations

MediRecords partners with Coviu to deliver a seamless Telehealth Consultation experience for providers and patient’s. Begin from the appointment book or waiting room.
2 Way SMS

2 Way SMS & Email

Patient’s can confirm appointments direct from an SMS or Email appointment reminder. Updates are then reflected in your practices appointment book in real-time.

Improvements to your day

Simplified Claiming

Simplified Claim Resubmission

Resubmitting a failed claim has never been simpler. MediRecords users can now edit and resubmit rejected invoices directly from the claiming dashboard.

The originally failed invoice is archived and the appropriate adjustment made.
Appointment Enhancements

Appointment Enhancements

MS’ sent from the appointment book can now be non appointment related. You can free text the content or simply select another SMS template to be used.
Your SMS balance is now visible from this screen so you can text and send with confidence.

Partners & Integrations

Clinivid Logo
In August this year, MediRecords partnered with Clinivid to provide a secure alternative for mulotidisciplinary care teams to communicate, share advice and files for improved holistic patient care.

Stanfield IT

MediRecords partnered with Standfield IT in September to help practices leverage the best technology has to offer and bring their entire practice operations to the cloud. No more servers, no more paper just 100% pure cloud
Matthew Galetto MediRecords banner

Matthew Galetto

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