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MediRecords 2.0

Now Live!

The cloud health platform that helps you Care, Connect and Engage.

MediRecords 2.0

Now Live!

The cloud health platform that helps you Care, Connect and Engage.

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Why MediRecords 2.0?

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What's new?

A trusted partner to Australian health providers
across private, corporate and government settings.

What new features can we expect?

MediRecords 2.0 is underpinned by our three pillars: Care, Connect and Engage.
Each of these have gained major new features.


The Care pillar includes core clinical features such as patient records, ePrescribing, appointment management, investigations, billing and claiming.

New resources include :

connect MediRecords


MediRecords is an industry leader in FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) and API technology as can be seen at our Connect site.

New advancements include:


MediRecords 2.0 offers a new patient platform with advanced features that are designed around accessibility and convenience.

Features include: 

Our solutions

MediRecords is purpose-built to connect primary through to tertiary healthcare.


Virtual Care

Flexible, scalable, Cloud EHR

Enterprise & Governments

Scalable, interoperable and proven


Hospital care, anywhere

General Practitioners

Australia’s leading cloud-based PMS



Dedicated specialist workflows

Multidisciplinary Teams

Combining GP, Specialist and Allied Health solutions

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Frequently asked questions

Alongside our new look and feel, there will be new features such as our Universal Communications Bar, appointment enhancements and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). More information on some of these features can be found in the user guide, with additional updates to come.  

MediRecords 2.0 is an overhaul of our current platform rather than a new product. All existing customers will transition to 2.0. Sticking with the old MediRecords format will not be an option.

MediRecords 2.0 is an update of your existing system and is covered by your current Standard licence. We are introducing a new Premium licence to cover development and maintenance of new features on the way, such as Case Management and Group Appointments. These features are currently being tested as part of our Product Beta Program before being offered to other customers. More information on Premium licenses will be available soon.

Our MediRecords team is here to help!

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