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Coronavirus clinical coding concepts now available in MediRecords


Matthew Galleto

MediRecords, the market leading cloud based clinical & practice management solution, and Clinivid a cloud-based clinical communication platform, have joined forces to provide a secure alternative for multidisciplinary care teams to communicate, share advice and files for improved holistic patient care.
Matthew Galetto, CEO of MediRecords, says: “Our partnership with Clinivid allows health providers using MediRecords to easily share clinical information, including images, in a mobile environment and to include external members of a care team through easy and direct messaging. It supports our goal to give our users access to the best-in-market solutions, with the flexibility to choose the right tools to support their workflow. Most importantly, clinical information flows seamlessly back into MediRecords to complete the patient longitudinal record and clinical workflow. ”
Dr Katja Beitat, CEO of Clinivid, adds ”This partnership highlights the power of cloud-based clinical solutions that make multidisciplinary care instant and easy. Patient information is secure at all times. With automatic creation of a medical record, everyone saves a lot of time.”
MediRecords is expecting its users with high levels of mobility and multidisciplinary care to take up the joint solution. Clinivid secure messaging is applicable for care teams in hospitals, chronic disease management, mental health care and for virtual patient handovers.

About MediRecords

MediRecords is Australia’s leading cloud-based clinical and practice management solution used by Specialists, GP’s and Allied Health Professionals across Australia. MediRecords is transforming the delivery of healthcare servicing in Australia. Connecting health professionals and patients with a suite of integrated products, MediRecords improves patient care while reducing associated costs of outdated technology. Developed from the ground up to harness the power of the cloud, MediRecords is available as a SaaS solution for SMB’s or as a dedicated platform service for larger corporates and institutions.

About Clinivid

Clinivid is an Australian based company enabling safe and mobile clinical information sharing across the whole health care sector. Fitting seamlessly into existing workflows in practices and hospitals, we improve the way clinicians connect, communicate and collaborate to increase efficiency, minimise risks and help provide better patient care. Clinivid offers secure mobile messaging and clinical meetings.

To learn more or get involved email or call 1300 103 903.

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