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MediRecords Product Update: July 2021

Fee Bidder - Headshot cropped

Fee Bidder, Junior Product Owner

See what we’ve been working on and released over the last month...

We are excited to announce the recent changes and updates we have released into the Medirecords product. Below you will find a summary of each of the changes we have made. 

Observations Improvements

Improvements have been made to the Observations function, so that all observations may now appear within the timeline graph view, rather than a selected amount, improving visibility of a patient’s health over time.


Percentile Value Added to Observations Grid

The PCT value will now display within the Observations grid when the Percentile tick-box has been selected.


Added Hover Information to Timeline View

Hovering over an entry in the Observation Timeline view will now display the percentile value, the user who created the entry, and the date of entry.

Appointment Book Username Update

Provider usernames have been updated within the Appointment Book to display First and Surname. If a status has been added to the provider and their full name exceeds the character limit, then only the provider’s surname will be displayed alongside the status.

Given Field Added to Immunisations Grid

The Given Field is now available within the Immunisation Grid, so you may tell at a quick glance whether an immunization was given elsewhere, given within the clinic, or if the immunization was declined.


Practice Wide Patient Chat

Users may now view all chat threads on a Patient Record Dashboard, regardless of who created the chat message or received it. This ensures that all chat correspondence is available on the Patient Record for all users.


Comments Added to Investigations Grid

Now when viewing the Investigations grid, you may see any Comments that have been added to a result item. A preview of the comments will be displayed where space allows, and hovering over the preview will show the entire comment.


My Health Record Fields Added to Encounter Form

Checkboxes have been added to the Encounter Form, for “Uploaded to My Health Record”, and “Health Summary Sent to GP”, for practices using My Health Record functionality.


Activities Filter Change

Activities will now be ordered by earliest due date first in both the patient record and within the Activities/Tasks window, to improve the prioritisation of Activities.


New Print Letter Button Location within Letter Editor

The Print button has been moved from within the More menu, to it’s own button above the letter, to improve the speed of printing letters.


Fee Schedule Updates

The following fund schedules have been successfully uploaded into Medirecords, and are available immediately. 

  • AHSA
  • BUPA
  • BUPA Diagnostic
  • DVA
  • HBF
  • Medibank Private
  • Mildura Health
  • NIB
  • St Luke’s

These changes have come about from customers like you, who have given us their feedback.  MediRecords is committed to continuous improvement to allow for ease of use of our product.

See you next month for more exciting new features and functions within MediRecords.

Fee Bidder - Headshot cropped

Fee Bidder, Junior Product Owner

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