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MediRecords Product Update: June 2021

Fee Bidder - Headshot cropped

Fee Bidder, Junior Product Owner

See what we’ve been working on and released over the last month...

We are excited to announce the recent changes and updates we have released into the Medirecords product. Below you will find a summary of each of the changes we have made. 

Batch and Expiry Fields Added to Custom Drug Recipes

When creating or editing a drug recipe, you may now add your own batch number and expiry. Once a drug has passed the expiry date set within the recipe, you will not be able to prescribe this drug again.


Alcohol and Smoking Indicators in Patient Screen

You may now review the alcohol and smoking status of a patient easily, due to 2 new icons added to the patient field. Provided a patient has their alcohol and smoking status recorded within the Tobacco and Alcohol sections of the patient file, these icons will be displayed beside the patient’s date of birth. Hovering over these icons will provide additional information.


Unchecked Mail within Patient Record

Now when you click on the unchecked mail icon within the patient record, you will be directed to the appropriate result or secure message in question for quick review.


Additional Claim Type – Scheme – AGC (Access Gap Cover)

Scheme-AGC has been added as a default claim type within the ECLIPSE configuration window found within Preferences > ECLIPSE. More information on the Access Gap Cover claiming process can be found here:


Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) July

During July, Medicare released a schedule containing a significant number of item number removals, modifications, and additional items. This has been successfully uploaded into Medirecords, and be used immediately. The majority of the changes were related to Telehealth, Cardiac & Orthopaedic item numbers. For more information on the MBS changes, please view the Medicare website.

These changes have come about from customers like you, who have given us their feedback.  MediRecords is committed to continuous improvement to allow for ease of use of our product.

See you next month for more exciting new features and functions within MediRecords.

Fee Bidder - Headshot cropped

Fee Bidder, Junior Product Owner

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