Product Update. October 2018

Our MediRecords development team have been working hard to deliver key features and enhancements that improve your MediRecords experience.

Bulk Scan Upload Enhancement

You can now create new Health Professional Contacts as you upload documents from the Bulk Scan Upload.

Letter Writer Improvement

New mail merge fields are now available, including the ability to add specific past consult notes, investigations and results to your correspondence.

Refunds and Adjustments

Generate refunds against payments directly from the patient record. Once a payment is refunded, an automatic adjustment will be applied to your general ledger.

New Report – Income Summary Report

The Income Summary Report contains a concise summary of payments received and refunds issued across individual practices or your entire account.

Telehealth Billing Module

Our new Telehealth Billing Module comes complete with a sophisticated billing rules engine. Simply enter a Telehealth item code, select the Telehealth Service checkbox and the associated item(s) will be added automatically.

What's Next?

  • NEW Patient Clinical View: A new and an exciting new clinical window to quickly view the full patient clinical record within the today’s notes screen.
  • ERX Prescribing Update: Final rounds of testing for a new eRx update are being completed this week. Complete eRx functionality will return from mid to end of next month.
  • Head Of Family Improvements: Run Medicare validity checks on a patients head of family directly from a new invoice.
  • Letter Writer Enhancement (Cont.): Additional mail merge fields that further enhance your letter writing experience.

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