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Healthcare Delivered Differently: Stigma Health

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Matthew Galetto

“MediRecords is vital to the operation of Stigma Health, and frankly our business could not exist without our partnership.  Stigma Health is an online health STI testing service. Our business model incorporates no face to face patient contact, and as such we rely on the functionality of the MediRecords App to provide our service. 
MediRecords allows us to send and receive confidential information to and from patients. It allows our patients to access this information, like investigation requests, print straight from their device, then complete the request at their local pathology lab. The ability to exchange confidential information with patients securely via the MediRecords App is absolutely revolutionary, and without it, Stigma Health could not function.”
– Dr Mitchell Tanner, Medical Director & Co Founder, Stigma Health


Stigma Health is a revolutionary new business that focuses on providing e-health services to Australians.

It is well established that Australia is in the midst of a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) crisis. Despite extensive government efforts and strategies at both Federal and State levels, STI rates in Australia continue to rise, and do so rapidly. The majority of STI’s in the community remain undiagnosed, and therefore untreated, leaving people to suffer to long term sequelae of their effects.

The are multiple reasons for the ongoing battle with STI’s, however a large number can be attributed to embarrassment, poor access to medical services, and fear of the consequences of diagnosis. The reasons can be better understood in the UNSW study ‘Barriers to STI Testing in Young People.’

Stigma Health was created to remove the stigma around STI’s and increase testing rates.

The business model eliminates the barriers of a face to face doctors appointment, embarrassment, and inconvenience of having an STI test. We provide simple, secure, and private STI testing, without the need for face to face consultations.

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The Solution

Stigma Health was built to overcome face to face healthcare as a barrier. Rightly or wrongly the community as a collective is not discussing their sexual health with their doctor. By removing this barrier to healthcare, we are hoping to reverse the statistic that 15% of people 18-29 have been tested.

Stigma Health is an entirely online healthcare solution with patients Australia wide. Dr Mitchell Tanner and Co Founder, James Sneddon are situated 83 kilometres apart and particularly during the formative stage of this business, they had incompatible co-working hours available with Dr Tanner running a very busy medical practice in Singleton and James running a chain of restaurants. MediRecords offered us an innovative online healthcare solution that removed these obstacles without us having to develop an expensive inhouse solution.

Future of Stigma Health

We aim to further develop our virtual healthcare offering by adding mental health planning to our service in the near future.

We’re excited to future proof our niche online healthcare service with the help of MediRecords’ technology. We don’t need all the bells and whistles but we do need a streamlined process for our patients and we’re confident MediRecords can continue to support us in our journey.

Matthew Galetto MediRecords banner

Matthew Galetto

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