MediRecords Completes Queensland Health Implementation In Record Time

MediRecords Completes Queensland Health Implementation In Record Time

In April 2018, Queensland Health selected MediRecords ( as its core practice management enterprise solution (PMES) to be used by Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) across Queensland. MediRecords replaced practiX in the private practice operations of Queensland Health, a system that had been in use for over 25 years.

MediRecords is now fully operational in all 13 participating HHSs with the largest of these, Metro South and Metro North going live in April 2019. MediRecords is the first clinical and administrative cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) application serving thousands of subscribers operating within Queensland Health. Implemented on a dedicated platform, MediRecords has successfully been deployed within a 10-month time frame.
On the company’s success, CEO and Founder of MediRecords Matthew Galetto said: “I am delighted with the success of this project which has exceeded our expectations in terms of the scale, speed of implementation and most importantly the acceptance of change by the HHSs end-users. It has been a pleasure to see how constructively and collaboratively the Queensland Health project team and the MediRecords team have worked together. We look forward to a long and strong working relationship.”
In addition to supporting smaller clinics, MediRecords supports larger enterprises managing high volume transactions across hundreds of clinics for thousands of subscribers all from within a single instance of the software. MediRecords supports multiple claiming services covering standard outpatient submissions for GP’s and Specialists alongside a full Eclipse claiming integration. This allows the application to support complex billing for Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Oncology, Anaesthetic services and all Therapeutic Surgical Procedures. The MediRecords claiming dashboard simplifies submissions, automates receipting and reconciliation, reduces rejections and is supplemented by a detailed financial reporting platform.
The implementation of the MediRecords market leading clinical module used by GP’s and Specialists nationally, and currently in use in several private practice HHS clinics, will be expanded to other HHSs during 2019. MediRecords replaces paper-based record keeping systems with a full longitudinal patient electronic record including consultation note taking and prescribing.
Harnessing the strong synergies with Queensland Health to transform healthcare through digital innovations and technologies, MediRecords will again be sponsoring the eHealth EXPO on 6 June in Brisbane as exclusive partner for the Healthcare of the Future breakout session.

About MediRecords

MediRecords offers the next generation of clinical and practice management software that is transforming the delivery of healthcare servicing in Australia. Connecting health professionals and patients with a suite of integrated products, MediRecords improves patient care while reducing associated costs of outdated technology. Developed from the ground up to harness the power of the cloud, MediRecords is available as an SaaS solution for SMB’s or as a dedicated platform service for larger corporates and institutions.
MediRecords has built an enterprise-calibre platform based on Australian eHealth standards delivering healthcare securely in the cloud. Corporates, government and other institutions can configure and customise the MediRecords Platform to support their PMS and EMR requirements without the overheads of building and maintaining costly application infrastructure. It’s an efficient way for business leaders to build a customised software solution to suit their growing organisation.

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    The hidden cost of maintaining a practice server

    The hidden cost of maintaining a practice server.


    Across our country thousands of practices, including GP’s, specialist and allied health, own and maintain a practice server. The practice server is the powerhouse of the clinic, the primary function of which, is to host the clinical and practice management software. Other critical functions include the hosting of a myriad of add-ons and plugins that connect to, and extract from, the practice management software.


    As a secondary function, the practice server often operates as a file server to store business documents or often as a file repository for incoming faxes. It can also have accounting software installed or be used as an email service for programmes such as Microsoft Exchange.


    There is no doubt that the practice server is a critical piece of infrastructure and central to the successful operations of a clinic.


    So how much does it cost to own and operate a practice server that is so critical to your business? Is there a way to reduce the operating costs? Are there alternative solutions that not only cost less but also reduce the risk of having to maintain a practice server? These are important fundamental questions that all practice owners must ask themselves both when setting up a new practice or  when operating an existing practice.


    Let’s look at costs first! It is mind-blowing!


    The objective is to calculate the total cost of purchasing, operating and maintaining a practice server exclusive of all other peripherals like printers, routers and user computers located at reception desks or doctors rooms. This way we can accurately calculate the cost of ownership and make a valid comparison between on-premise machinery versus a cloud service.


    Table 1 summarises the estimated costs of buying, owning and operating a practice server for a GP clinic with 5 doctors and 4 administration staff applying best practice processes to ensure the business runs without disruption.


    Table 1: Practice Server Costs


    In-House Costs

    Year 1 Year 2+



    Server x 2

    $14,000 $3,500


    $2,000 $500


    $4,000 $1,000


    $1,000 $250

    Hardware setup, networking & server backups and testing

    $5,000 $1,250

    Clinical software installation & configuration

    $5,000 $1,250

    Sub total

    $31,000 $7,750



    5 doctors & 4 support. FTE $1000 pa per FTE

    $9,000 $9,000

    Office 365

    5 doctors & 4 support. Office 365 with Storage @ $12pm

    $1,296 $1,296

    Sub Total

    $10,296 $10,296

    Operating Costs


    1700W at $ 0.37running 24/7 (2 x 850W server) running @ 1/2 power

    $2,643 $2,643

    Computer Room

    Assuming a nominal 2% floor coverage @ $100k per year

    $1,000 $1,000

    Backup Equipment

    800W at $ 0.37running 24/7 running @ 1/2 power

    $1,321 $1,321

    A/C 9m3 room

    24/7 running costs at $0.50 per hour

    $4,464 $4,464

    Sub Total

    $9,428 $9,428

    Monitoring and Management

    Server Management

    $1000 per month

    $12,000 $12,000

    Sub Total

    $12,000 $12,000


    $62,724 $39,474


    Capital costs for year 1 exceed $30k. In combination with initial software licensing (including practice management software and MS Office 365), electricity costs and consulting fees to both setup and manage your infrastructure, takes the total year 1 expenditure to $62,724


    Ongoing annual costs are estimated at $39,474 per year. Over a five-year period, the total cost of ownership is estimated to be $220,620


    Cloud Service Costs


    Calculating the total cost of ownership for cloud services is easy. There is no need for a dedicated practice server to host the clinical and practice management software, and the only requirement is to include licensing and initial software configuration costs.

    Of course, as previously stated, the practice server is often used for other purposes, the most common being a file server for the practice, where documents are saved. To compare like for like, subscriptions to MS Office 365 for all staff are also included. MS Office 365 is a cloud offered service providing access to MS Word, Excel, Email and most importantly OneDrive. OneDrive is a dedicated cloud based file service hosted in Australia when linked to an Australian entity. This guarantees that any clinical documents are saved on OneDrive securely and in Australia. Practices can use OneDrive to file and backup business documents and faxes. Table 2 summarises the estimated costs of cloud services.


    Table 2. Cloud Services Costs


    MediRecords Year 1 Year 2+

    SetUp Fees

    Medicare, Training, Letter Templates, MHR, Messaging $2,750 $0

    Data Migration

    $1,500 $0


    5 doctors & 4 support, 4 Integrated, 2 Clinical, 3 Practice

    $7,560 $7,560

    Office 365

    5 doctors & 4 support. Office 365 with Storage @ $12pm

    $1,296 $1,296

    Sub Total

    $13,106 $8,856


    Including setup fees, data migration and licensing of both MediRecords and MS Office 365 the total year one estimated cost is $13,106. Ongoing annual costs are estimated as $8,856


    Conclusion – The results Speak For Themselves


    Comparing like for like costs between an in-house practice server vs cloud services, excluding all other peripherals like printers and users computers, significant savings can be made.


    In year one alone the costs saving is estimated as $49,618  Ongoing annual cost savings are estimated as $30,618 and over a five year period the total estimated savings are a staggering $172,290


    To put this saving in perspective, and assuming 20 consults per day with an average billing rate of $70 per consult, this would translate to an extra 5 days holiday for each of the 5 doctors doctors each year.


    There is no doubt that significant savings can be made by moving the entire practice to the cloud, the numbers speak for themselves. However that’s not the only reason it’s a smart move. Cloud services providers offer backups and redundancy. Knowing that your information is being backed up, secure and available provides peace of mind to the practice owner – how do you put a price on that!