Are the benefits of cloud solutions for healthcare more than we realise?

Cloud solutions for healthcare

The benefits of cloud solutions for healthcare: More than we realise?

Cloud solutions for healthcare
Michelle O'Brien

Michelle O'Brien

Could the shift to cloud solutions provide the healthcare industry more benefits than we previously realised?

Cloud computing is finally changing healthcare.

The consensus on the overall benefits of the cloud for our industry appears to have shifted, which was perhaps inevitable given the increased interoperability, maturity of security and the significant cost savings cloud services provide.

However, I believe most organisations are barely scratching the surface when it comes to making the most of other benefits cloud solutions can offer. Some of the lesser known benefits, from small clinics right up to larger public health and enterprise organisations, include:

  • Improved health information exchange & interoperability
  • Predictable costs
  • Faster and more efficient scalability and fast system deployment
  • Improved backup and business continuity
  • Enhanced user experiences
  • More robust data security
  • Improvements in diagnosis and treatment through AI & Analytics
  • Easier compliance

I am a firm believer that cloud-solutions will provide healthcare organisations with even more benefits than many currently realise.

This is one of the key reasons I joined MediRecords, a leading cloud-based PMS, and why, over the next few months, I will be putting together a series of articles explaining each of the benefits listed above. Where it is relevant, I will be including examples of organisations who have achieved these benefits, and if possible, some tips on how your organisation may be able to follow these examples.

You will be able to find these articles via the MediRecords blog, via our company LinkedIn page, and via my own LinkedIn page. Feel free to send me a connection request!

In the meantime, if you are interested in finding out more about any of the above, you can always reach out to me directly, either via email (, or on LinkedIn.

Michelle O’Brien, based in our Sydney office,  is Head of Strategy here at MediRecords.

Michelle O'Brien

Michelle O'Brien

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    MediRecords partner with The BlackDog Institute to provide cloud-based practice management software

    BlackDog Institute Logo

    MediRecords partner with The BlackDog Institute

    MediRecords BlackDog Institute announce partnership
    Matthew Galetto MediRecords banner

    Matthew Galleto

    MediRecords partner with The BlackDog Institute to provide cloud-based practice management software

    The team at MediRecords are delighted to announce we are now working with the world-renowned BlackDog Institute.

    BlackDog, global leaders in suicide prevention research, also provide mental health advocacy, education, and treatment across Australia. They have led awareness for the increased rates of mental illness as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and MediRecords will be further supporting their work to be more secure and accessible for patients through digital innovation.



    How will MediRecords help BlackDog?

    Put simply, by greatly improving the way they share information and data.  

    The ability to exchange information between healthcare providers securely is essential in mental health treatment – there are often multiple care providers across primary, allied, hospital and community care and the patient’s treatment can extend over a lifetime.

    Improved access breaks down barriers to care. MediRecords allows patients and clinicians to connect virtually, provides clinicians with inbuilt Telehealth, and is a full practice management system for appointments, billing, online claiming, staff rostering, client management and secure messaging.

    The bottom line is BlackDog can now manage all aspects of patient care through an online, secure practice management system. Our MediRecords solution will allow BlackDog to provide improved, accessible and timely care for patients. This will create detailed, secure and useful data that improves patient outcomes and informs better service planning for the future.



    What does this mean for MediRecords?

    This partnership represents another notable success for the team here at MediRecords, following our recently announced partnership with Healthdirect and our successful rollout across Queensland Health.

    Our Founder and CEO Matthew Galetto commented “We are very excited about partnering with the Black Dog Institute, who do such important work in suicide prevention and improving outcomes for people with Mental Health issues. We are really looking forward to supporting them in achieving their strategic goal of becoming a leader in e-health through innovative models of care.”


    About The BlackDog Institute

    Since their foundation in 1985, The BlackDog Institute have been at the forefront of mental health research. Rapidly evolving to drive the creation of new knowledge and ensure that clinical best practice continues to be improved and refined in line with the latest evidence.

    Today, their focus has expanded to address new challenges and opportunities in mental health – suicide prevention, digital innovation, lived experience, youth and workplace mental health. Their work in mood disorders continues through the investigation of new and better ways to treat and prevent conditions like anxiety and depression through digital tools and novel treatments.


    About MediRecords

    MediRecords is an Australian owned provider of cloud-based electronic medical record and practice management systems. Founded in 2014, their clients range from individual GP, specialist and allied health practices to enterprise scale healthcare providers across Australia.

    For more information please get in touch.

    Matthew Galetto MediRecords banner

    Matthew Galleto

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      MediRecords Feature Updates 2020


      MediRecords Product Updates in 2020 so far...


      Take a look at what has happened so far in 2020…

      2020 has surely been a year of uncertainty, but you can be certain that MediRecords is still focused on delivering and implementing new and upgraded features. Our main objective is to continue to aid users in increasing and improving their workflows during these unprecedented times.
      Here are just a few of the highlights introduced to MediRecords in 2020 so far:


      For our users in Victoria, SafeScript is a clinical tool that allows doctors, nurse practitioners and pharmacists to access information about their patient’s prescription history for certain high-risk medicines. This information helps clinicians make safer clinical decisions and reduces the incidence of harm, including death, from the use of pharmaceuticals.

      SafeScript Screenshot

      To find out more about SafeScript click here.

      Interest Parties

      Specialists now have the added benefit of including Interested Parties to patients’ records. This is another category of Contacts that, similar to Referrers, can be sent results, observations or any other sorts of relevant correspondence from right within the letter editor by clicking the + button. These Interested Parties can also be entered in with the Patient Details, under the Referral tab as well.

      Interest Parties Screenshot

      To find out more about Interested Parties click here.

      Create a New Procedure Within the Appointment Popup

      Specialists can now create a whole Procedural run-through straight from the Appointments screen. Including an Admission form, with all facility, assistant and inpatient information; Clinical including anaesthetic, and prosthesis inputs; and an Outcome free-form. This can be accessed by clicking the + button next to Procedure after filling in your patient and appointment details.

      How to create a new procedure within the appointment popup


      Invoice Item View

      Users can now Filter Invoices by Item Code. This allows you to increase your visibility on any payments, paid or unpaid, per item within the invoices of a patient record. This can be found in Accounts > Invoices.

      Invoice Item View Screenshot


      No Pension Number Visibility

      All Users will now have the option to add No Card to a patient records’ Pension section to increase visibility for the practice to increase a streamlined workflow when billing and claiming.

      No Pension Number Visibility Screenshot


      Update to the Appointments Provider Filter

      The appointment provider filter has been updated to a search bar function to give you the ability to search for specific providers rather than choosing from a list. This change has been implemented to improve the response time of the site when accessing the calendar. You can still configure your Appointment preferences to set a default collection of calendars to appear upon opening. Please follow this link for more information.

      If you need any help with any of these new features, or any others, then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team via email at, on 1300 103 903 or through the chat function on your MediRecords webpage.

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